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San Jose, California, Sept. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cisbay Global, a leader in microbial technology solutions, has developed the means for enhancing rice quality and crop yields guaranteeing highly favorable results for growers. Cisbay provides multiple benefits for rice farmers. The company's product improves soil condition, increases nutrient efficiency, strengthens paddy roots, reduces the dependency of chemical fertilizer programs and on average doubles the number of rice tillers. It also augments micronutrient uptake resulting in a higher-quality crop and yield increase. Gaylon Reed, a grower in Batesville, Mississippi, has reaped the benefits of Cisbay's solution. Reed, who farms on thousands of acres, said he has never seen the quality of his rice so high. "This is a very good crop of rice, this variety did not yield this good last year," Gaylon Reed said. "This is by far better than we've had in years past. This is by far the best rice I've ever cut in my 32 years of growing rice." He said dramatic changes occurred during his second crop year with Cisbay microbial product and he began introducing friends to it. Reed noted that his land was producing approximately 35 bushels more per acre with Cisbay AGN ...Full story available on



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