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The 2nd World Blockchain Conference was held in Wuzhen city on November 8th, 2019. The participants of the conference included: blockchain technology experts, business leaders, KOLs of blockchain industry. Yves Glant, CEO of FBH, attended the expert seminar of the conference and made a speech. The theme of the seminar is: the industry trends of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology in 2020.

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Cai Yige, general manager of Tencent’s blockchain business group, delivered a keynote speech on “Thinking about Digital Asset Infrastructure” at the morning conference. He focused on the application of blockchain, DCEP, Libra, Tencent Virtual Bank and other topics. Then, Kong Jianping, co-chairman of Canaan Creative (NASDAQ: CAN) said: “The combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence is the future trend, and start-up companies will have many business opportunities.”

Yves expressed his view, “Artificial Intelligence has become the core driving force of the new round of industrial transformation, which has an important impact on the world economy, social progress and human life. However, artificial intelligence has some problems such as centralized data management, lack of trust mechanism, poor traceability of intelligent products and poor data sharing. Blockchain technology can help solve the above problems. The basic characteristics of the blockchain include decentralization, openness, autonomy, information tamper-proofing. The application of blockchain technology to AI can greatly improve the safety and stability of AI.”


Yves then introduced the FBH project. FBH is a blockchain digital asset serving the global artificial intelligence industry. FBH will build a “blockchain + artificial intelligence” asset platform.

FBH CTO, Christian Kirner, said: “FBH projects rely on a large user base. The project will establish a big data service platform, a digital asset exchange, an artificial intelligence community, an enterprise credit system, a cloud service mining machine and a shared ecological mall. FBH’s future service targets include global artificial intelligence enterprises, institutions, laboratories and users.”


The FBH digital currency was launched on the HKExone platform on October 11, 2019. This will bring new opportunities to the blockchain industry.


About FBH

FBH, initiated by a well-known international artificial intelligence technology company, invited several entity enterprises to jointly develop with the world’s top blockchain technology development team. Relying on the artificial intelligence market, FBH jointly explored the combination of blockchain technology and the artificial intelligence economic world, and developed an open public blockchain of the global artificial intelligence market for use in the global artificial intelligence enterprise market.

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